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The PrFEcT website is being developed as an online, open-access protein function and verification database archiving high- and low-throughput data and associated bioinformatics analyses for targeted bacterial proteins.

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GenExpDB - a searchable compendium of E. coli gene expression data, which has been manually curated and normalized to allow data-mining across the database.

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GenoBase - a major resource of high-throughput data for the E. coli K-12 model cell and public repository for sequence information, proteome, transcription, and metabolome data.

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Orthology - a database of Classes of Reciprocal Sequence Homologues (CRSHs) of homologous microbial proteins likely to have equivalent biochemical functions

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PrFEcT Predict - a database of 3d structure models of proteins with corresponding quality assessment and protein function prediction according to PFP and ESG.

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RegulonDB - the primary reference database with curated knowledge of the transcriptional regulatory network of E. coli K-12

CRSH Software

Software for evaluating target nominations


Upcoming Event: 5th IECA Conference 2011

Potential Nominated Targets

Sample output for potential nominated targets

Target Selection Lists

Computationally generated candidate proteins currently being evaluated for high-throughput experimental testing.

Transcription Factor Finder

Estimates the probability of involvement of all known E. coli transcription factors (TFs) in producing changes observed in mRNA profiling experiment

User Data Workspaces

Provides users with a system to upload different kinds of experimental into databases for storage, sharing, and analysis.

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